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Text to image model based on Stable Diffusion.

Text to image model based on Stable Diffusion.

$0.0005 / sec


text prompt

negative text prompt. (Default: empty)

Please upload an image file

Num Images

number of images to generate (Default: 1, 1 ≤ num_images ≤ 4)

Num Inference Steps

number of denoising steps (Default: 25, 1 ≤ num_inference_steps ≤ 512)

Guidance Scale

classifier-free guidance, higher means follow prompt more closely (Default: 7.5, 1 ≤ guidance_scale ≤ 20)


how much to follow the input image. 1 means ignore the image, 0 means follow the image exactly (Default: 0.8, 0 ≤ strength ≤ 1)

image width in px 13

image height in px 13

random seed, empty means random (Default: empty, 0 ≤ seed)

use compel library for weighted prompts 2

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Openjourney is an open source Stable Diffusion fine tuned model on Midjourney images, by PromptHero

Include 'mdjrny-v4 style' in prompt. Here you'll find hundreds of Openjourney prompts

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Stable Diffusion v1.5 vs Openjourney

(Same parameters, just added "mdjrny-v4 style" at the beginning):