Gryphe/MythoMax-L2-13b cover image


Gryphe/MythoMax-L2-13b cover image




Tweak the overall style and tone of the conversation by giving some 'master' instructions. (Default: Be a helpful assistant)

maximum length of the newly generated generated text (Default: 2048, 1 ≤ max_new_tokens ≤ 100000)


temperature to use for sampling. 0 means the output is deterministic. Values greater than 1 encourage more diversity (Default: 0.7, 0 ≤ temperature ≤ 1)

Sample from the set of tokens with highest probability such that sum of probabilies is higher than p. Lower values focus on the most probable tokens.Higher values sample more low-probability tokens (Default: 0.9, 0 < top_p ≤ 1)

Sample from the best k (number of) tokens. 0 means off (Default: 0, 0 ≤ top_k < 100000)

Up to 4 strings that will terminate generation immediately. Please separate items by comma

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